Built Around Your Needs

SimuAWIPS Enterprise allows large organizations in a variety of industries access to a tailor made console, centered over a domain you specify. Map objects and features are customized to your needs, and propritary data such as privately owned observation networks or location reporting fleet assets can be overlaid in realtime through minute by minute ingest of XML formatted data pushed or pulled to our servers.

Key Features

Enterprise users receive all of the products, maps and features standard users have access to, inside of a customized domain and console built around specific needs:

  • Pick any area in our service zones and we generate products specific to your business
  • We customize the map features including boundaries, labels and dimensions to your specification
  • Provide us with CSV or XML data containing live location data for assets you want plotted
  • WebEx based introduction training and direct support for your organization
  • Branding, custom menu layout and special enhancements available
  • All connections are maintained over 256 bit SSL to meet corporate security requirements
  • Includes one custom domain area and up to 10 individual unique accounts, all with no setup fees or charges.

The SimuAWIPS desktop console is designed to maintain responsiveness and product delivery speed on mobile data connections, but we highly recommend a broadband connection for any larger product sets to effectively animate and display.

* Service zones include the United States and it's territories, as well as parts of Canada. Radar and model data subject to availability.

Our Enterprise Clients

We're providing Enterprise services to several major commercial and government agencies across the country, including Universal Weather and Aviation, The Washington Department of Natural Resources and multiple United States Forestry and Land Management regional offices across the central and western United States.


Clients shown above do not constitute official endorsements.

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