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HiRes Model Data

Forecasting from the near term to long range, we offer a full suite of model products at the highest available resolutions. United States domains include the 3km hourly High Resolution Rapid Refresh, the longer period 13km Rapid Refresh model, the 12km North American Model, 4km High Resolution Window Forecast System, 0.25 degree Global Forecast System and 0.20 degree resolution HiRes ECMWF.

Level II

Level II Radar Imagery

Track everything from tornadic supercells to powerful winter storms with live SuperRes imagery. Overlay severe weather warnings, or seek out mesocyclones and damaging winds gusts via velocity products. Dual polarization products including differential reflectivity, correlation coefficient, hydrometeor classification and precipitation totals can provide a clear picture of ongoing hazardous weather events.

Lightning Data

USPLN Lightning Data

Access near realtime lightning updated as often as every 5 minutes. Overlay strike data on top of any analysis product to provide a comprehensive view of intense convection and severe storms. Coverage includes the lower contiguous United States areas and near shorelines. Data available on national or regional level maps, and for most single site radars. Lightning data provided by WSI.

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Our System

Checkout some examples of the products available through our browser driven console by clicking the buttons below.

Browser Based Console

Simple yet powerful, with interactive functions providing layering of products, fade, toggles and animations. Pick any product using the chart browser and build customized maps. Place products for later use in the preview panes while performing analysis on other maps in the tabbed view window.

  • Runs inside your browser, on most desktop operating systems without special configuration *
  • Instantly access the console using your laptop or desktop; no additional hardware required
  • Load independent products in any panel, and in an unlimited number of tabs
  • Products automatically refresh as new data arrives
  • Control opacity using fade controls or with a single click of the color key
  • Control animation speed, direction and large times using your keyboard or scroll wheel
  • Multiple map domains for all parts of the United States mainland
  • Create customized maps with overlays and gradient fills you select

The SimuAWIPS desktop console is designed to maintain responsiveness and product delivery speed on mobile data connections, but we highly recommend a broadband connection for any larger product sets to effectively animate and display.

* Modern browsers running on desktop operating systems with 4GB of memory and 1.8Ghz processor required. Mobile device support coming soon.

Compare Models

A suite model data is available for forecasting, updated as fast as they are produced from the national centers and international providers. All model data sets are rendered at the highest resolution using our cloud based product generation system.

  • HiRes ECMWF - 0.20 degree out to 10 days NEW!
  • HRRR - 3.5km out to 18 hours
  • RAP - 13km out to 21 hours
  • HiRES ARW - 4km out to 48 hours
  • NAM - 12km out to 84 hours
  • CMC RDPS - 10km out to 48 hours
  • GFS - 0.25 degree out to 384 hours
  • NAVGEM - 0.5 degree out to 180 hours

Most major fields are included with each of the models, including mandatory pressure and height products, convective parameters such as CAPE and shear, as well as wind and temperature products. Additional fields are being added all the time, and we welcome users to provide us feedback for new products we may not be generating.


SimuAWIPS ingests live Level II & III NEXRAD data directly from a top tier radar data provider, resulting in rapid dissemination of radar imagery inside our console. High resolution products derived from Level II data, as well as several Dual Polarization and Level III supplementary products are generated around the clock.

  • Base Reflectivity and Velocity - Level II high resolution
  • Base Reflectivity and Velocity - Level III NIDS
  • Spectrum Width for low level wind motion and tornadoes
  • Composite Reflectivity helpful in beam blockage situations
  • Vertically Integrated Liquid for assisting in hail detection
  • Enhanced Echo Tops to help determine storm height
  • Differential Reflectivity can be used for precipitation comparisons
  • Correlation Coefficient occasionally used in detecting airborne tornadic debris
  • Hydrometeor Classification can be helpful isolating phenomena types
  • Multiple Precipitation Rate and Accumulation products
  • Warning Polygons and surface observations can be overlaid on all products

All products generated are for the lowest elevation angles only. For single site domains, two zoom levels at 240 and 120 nautical miles - are available for all NWS and DoD locations inside the United States mainland.

Lightning Data
Near Realtime Lightning

Plot recent reports of lightning from thunderstorms and intense convection with near realtime lightning detection provided by the United States Precision Lightning Network and WSI. Overlay strike and flash data to aid in tracking storms and potential hazards on nearly any domain map and single site radar view.

  • USPLN - reliable and accurate lightning detection
  • National and regional updates every 10 minutes
  • Single site NEXRAD radar views updated every 5 minutes
  • Animate the last hour of recent strike activity
  • Cloud to ground strikes presented with easy to read markers
  • United States coverage includes all lower 48 states and adacent waters
  • Access to lightning data included with every account

Data use is subject to terms by our vendors. Some restrictions apply with regard to posting generated maps via the Internet or other means, containing our lightning data - for resale or commercial purposes.

Analysis, Guidance & Satellite

Satellite, guidance products and hourly analysis data are available for every domain provided in the system. GOES East and West views are easily accessible from the Satellite menu, with a multitude of different color enhancement options for Infrared and Water Vapor channels.

  • GOES East and West - visible, infrared and water vapor channels
  • ASOS and FAA observation sites plottable on any map
  • Both Observation and RAP derived analysis each hour
  • Current and forecast frontal positions
  • Convective Outlooks and Mesoscale Discussions from the Storm Prediction Center
  • Severe weather, flooding and winter storm watches and warnings

Watch and warning products are generated at the national and regional levels, and severe weather polygons for all single site radar domains at both zoom levels. Products begin to update as soon as they are received from the our NOAAPORT satellite broadcast system feeding our product generation services.

Text Products and Alarms

A complete set of text based weather bulletins from the National Weather Service and other dissemination sources is integrated into the text browser, accessible from inside SimuAWIPS at any time. Products are retained for 24 hours allowing you to glance back at previous forecast discussions, outlooks and guidance information. Set console alarms with optional alert sounds when new products are received for forecast areas you select.

  • Watch and Warning products such as Tornado Warnings, Severe Thunderstorm Watches and Winter Storm Advisories
  • Discussion and Outlook products from your local forecast office and national entities such as the Storm Prediction Center
  • Tropical and Marine products from your the National Hurricane Center and Weather Prediction Center
  • Observational products including weather roundups, road condition bulletins, hydrologic outlooks, climate data and air quality alerts

All text data, including urgent bulletins such as Tornado Warnings or Winter Storm Bulletins are feed into the system via our NOAAPORT dissemination system, with a redundant feed maintained using a dedicated socket connection to the NOAA Weather Wire Service.

High Performance Infrastructure

SimuAWIPS has been re architected following a server crash in the Spring of 2015. This new architecture, built on Amazon Web Services, has allowed a major increase in product generation capacity and speed. With the launch of this new system, users can expect maximum uptime, reliability and an entire new portfolio of meteorological products and features in the console.


We're proud to announce SimuAWIPS is now powered by the these data and infrastructure providers.

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Building on Feedback

We want to build a system our users can count on when they need it. Based on survey results, we've aggressively invested time and resources to help bring the community a system everyone enjoys using.

One of the most important aspects of a system such as this is reliability. Most of our survey respondents indicated that outages are never acceptable, and we've re-engineered our platform with that in mind. Using the power of cloud computing, we have eliminated single points of failure and dependability on costly hardware. Our processing system has been rewritten to more quickly generate products and handle infinitely larger workloads.

With reliability and bugs addressed, we now get to spend time adding features and new meteorological products to our system.

Survey Results
  • Bugs and Reliability Improvements
  • Additional Meteorological Fields
  • New Features and Functionality
  • Simplified Mobile Version