5/27/2015: We continue to migrate our system to a new platform. Some products are not yet functional.

The One and Only Free Meteorological Workstation

SimuAWIPS provides meteorologists, volunteers, students and weather enthusiasts with a free system for conducting basic analysis, tracking and forecasting of weather around the United States. The system collects and centralizes data from the National Weather Service, Universities and other public domain sources into a interactive, menu driven analysis tool that runs from inside your favorite browser. SimuAWIPS makes it easy to view live Satellite Imagery, Radar Data, Model Forecasts and Text Bulletins - from a single environment, at anytime.

Our data processing system gathers raw meteorological data sets from various public data sources on a minute by minute basis. Using Open Source technologies such as Linux, we are able to utilize scripts which can detect when new data is published and immediately download the information for processing and ingest into the Unidata Gempak software suite. Our servers then use this software to decode and generate thousands of maps each day, which are then uploaded to our webserver for use inside the SimuAWIPS console.

Using the Google Web Toolkit as the foundation for the web based console, users can view maps and imagery in an interactive manner, including animating and overlaying various weather elements. This provides forecasters and meteorologists with an easy way to view multitudes of cross referenced information without having to browse to multiple websites.

SimuAWIPS collects data in realtime for viewing inside the system. For a complete picture, we strive to provide maps for all the major elements of weather analysis and forecasting including Level III radar maps, GOES East and West Satellite imagery and model forecast data. We also ingest textual data from the National Weather Service including discussions, outlooks and warning information. Users can even set audible alarms signaling the arrival of new text products for their desired locality.

Console Example

The SimuAWIPS Console provides users with multiple panels to view maps at a national or regional level, along with a tab based system for creating and storing maps for later access. The UI features CSS based transparency and layer visibility controls, activated by simply clicking either the color bar or label for any active product.

Expense Donations Needed

SimuAWIPS still needs help to cover monthly operating costs. If you regularly use the system, please consider helping pay off these costs with a quick and easy donation through our PayPal system. Please make a donation to help us cover these costs.

Built From User Feedback

SimuAWIPS has been built with our users needs in mind. We are constantly adding additional maps and products into the system, and many of the features incorporated into the system today are a result of users posting feedback in our forum. Since SimuAWIPS is a volunteer project, it's only natural that the community helps decide what products we can add into the system, and how we can continue to grow the application.

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